Our Community

We are authentically a collaboration of people who choose high performance in our lives. We choose to achieve and genuinely help others to achieve as well.

These are some of the events and tools that we are offering to support you to achieve high performance and we ask only one thing from you, please engage, share your stories and help others.

Monthly Webinar and Meetup Community

Join our community of support to stay inspired and involved with the monthly value-added workshops supporting your high performance.

There are 12 of these webinars which we are planning on delivering in 2024 for FREE:
1. Crystal Focus
2. Quality Outcomes
3. Start with Why
4. Strengths focus
5. Overcoming limiting beliefs
6. Leveraging resources
7. Evolving a strategy - In the crows nest
8. Perseverance
9. Courage
10. Intrinsic motivation
11. Measuring what matters
12. Accelerating performance

What To Expect

Webinar Presentation & Book Summaries

During our webinar, we will provide you with a link to request a copy of the presentation and a copy of the book summary of books discussed on our webinar. This is exclusively available to seminar participants. Subscribed members (see below) will have access to all past webinars, book summaries and videos.

Community Page

Research has shown that like the swans flying in a v formation, high performance, people go an extra 200% when they collaborate.

This community page will be about genuine collaboration and engagement whereby you get to introduce yourself and share your high performance focus. You get to ask questions, co-support one another and encourage high performance in each other.

Access to our Masterclasses

We offer Masterclasses for specific audiences as demand requires and we find that we can add value. These are by invite only yet you can request to be invited and we will accept you if it is the right fit for you and if you are genuinely committed to being engaged and will participate. The Masterclasses that we offer at present are:

The Art of Coaching Masterclass
This is a forum facilitated by Grant Hamel for experienced coaches (including leaders as coaches) to explore the value of assessments in the first half, and share coaching models and concepts to evolve as a coach.

Relationship Mastery Masterclass (coming soon)
This is a forum facilitated by Emma Hamel for people wanting to evolve their relationship to the next level. Through assessments in the first half and invaluable relationship techniques in the second half.


What you get when you subscribe at £299 p.a.

1. Five Lens Assessment and coaching debrief worth £455
2. FREE Access to online courses worth £899 per course
3. Access to over 100 book summaries
4. Access to all past webinar notes and videos
5. All benefits as a community member
6. Special offers that become available from time to time

Future Benefits
Access to our unique Coach Matching system with a special coaching offer of 10 months of coaching for only £1500, which is worth £2500. This is with our top coaches who have been profiled to meet your personal coaching needs. PS This is only available to those who have completed the 5 Lens Assessment and Debrief.

For more information about High Performance People, visit our website.