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We offer a measurable way to improve results by making behavioural patterns visible, through assessments and interventions including coaching and training

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Our Enneagram-based Personal Feedback Reports (PFR's) offer extremely accurate, multi-dimensional behavioural feedback, delivering deep personal insights, pointing to specific areas of strength & development.
What we do

What We Do

Working with individuals and teams, we enable people to unlock their potential and improve their performance.

Recognising that our lives are dynamic and contextual, our approach to assessments is to consider various dimensions and to measure what matters.

Our Enneagram-based Personal Feedback Reports (PFR's) provide highly precise, multi-faceted behavioural feedback, offering profound personal insights that pinpoint precise areas of strength and potential growth. This PFR can then be used to design developmental journeys for individuals, learners, educators, teams and groups.


Personal Mastery

The ongoing commitment to life-long learning to unfold & authentically express who we are. The six mastery factors measured are: Self-Acceptance, Directed Passion, Acceptance of Reality, Curiosity, Impact on Others & Global Connection.

Emotional Resilience

This refers to one's ability to adapt in stressful situations or crises; to accommodate stress & recover from adversity. The three dimensions of Emotional Resilience are: Self-Efficacy, Emotional Stability & Flexibility.

Social Drives

These point to where an individual focuses their attention. They show 'what matters most' to an individual & to what in life they will strive to obtain. The four social drives are: Drive to - Survive, Affiliate, Achieve & Transcend.


This lens recognises the growing body of scientific data that defines three centres of human intelligence. Each centre represents a specific modality for processing information & making decisions. The three centres are: Intellectual (Head), Emotional (Heart) & Instinctural (Gut).


This lens points out the core avoidance or defence mechanism that drives surface behaviours, & helps to explain why certain behaviours continue to show up, even when they are not appropriate to the situation. This lens measures all nine 'Ways of Being'.

Setting Your Team Up For Success

Living in a data-driven world, how do you know how you and your team are succeeding? And how do you know you’ve improved if you don’t measure (and adjust) your behavioural patterns?

At High Performance People we measure what matters; people, their performance and their behavioural patterns, as individuals and as teams.
I have recently gone through the Five Lens process. The assessment test was quick and easy, the results were very accurate and reflect where/who I am at this stage in my life. The feedback session with Emma was enlightening and reflective - some parts of the feedback made me delve into my earlier years. Great process with direction on areas to focus on. Worth the investment.
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