We Make Coaches Great

Do you have a coaching practice? How can you know that a client has progressed without some form of measurement?

Many good coaches recommend that their clients use a journal to see how their thinking has changed. We often used the “Wheel of Balance” as a tool to measure a client’s progress before, during and after coaching. Although useful, it didn’t always get to the underlying transformation or changes.

Let us support you in improving your results with your clients by giving you new tools and making the invisible, visible.
We Make Coaches Great

Until we make the invisible visible, nothing changes

Making the Invisible, Visible
Making the Invisible, Visible

Making the Invisible, Visible

Your clients come to you as coaches, to change, to achieve their goals and to live better lives. When we can see our behaviours (good and bad) we can do something about them and often our root behavioural patterns are deeply hidden emerging months into coaching. Through the Personal Feedback Report (PFR) these patterns and deep-rooted blockers (also known as self-sabotage) become visible upfront and hence can help create the early leverage and rapid transformation.

Human Beings are Multi-Dimensional
& Behaviour is Context Dependent

Measure what matters

We are mindful that our personal circumstances change every few months or at least every few years, hence need to be reassessed as part of that change. Great coaches use personality assessments to help measure what matters and uncover behavioural patterns. What makes the PFR different is that it takes context into account, and we believe should be used dynamically to help measure progress as the client transforms.

With the PFR we ensure confidentiality, only debriefing with certified practitioners at the highest standards who have high empathy and are open to the journey of transformation. Often those coaches become practitioners themselves. So how do we make coaches better? At High Performance People (HPP) we partner with coaches, to conduct dynamic assessments with empathy and sensitivity to give clients a clear behavioural map (report) that is contextual and multidimensional. This enables you as a coach to focus on the right growth opportunities, rapidly overcome blockers and enable your client to visibly see their progress by measuring before and after interventions.

Not all coaches will choose the profiling route, and we respect this. For those who wish to be great coaches, we look forward to partnering with you.

Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your growing and evolving coaching practice.
Human Beings are Multi-Dimensional  & Behaviour is Context Dependent
I really enjoyed working with Grant as we explored the 5 Lens profile. This has a more holistic view than other profiles I’ve used before, and Grant brought it to life brilliantly in our debrief. I look forward to completing a follow-up in a few months' time to measure progress.
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