Build Healthy High Performing Teams

Healthy high performance teams

Context Dimensioning
Team Assessment Report

What makes High Performance People (HPP) unique is that we approach assessments dynamically, contextually, and dimensionally, facilitating this within teams and throughout organisations. Through measuring what matters, we supply a Team Discovery Report (TDR) that makes change visible (dynamic) at different team development stages and how team behaviour changes based on circumstances (context of high-pressure delivery, routine delivery or creative processes).

People, and teams are multidimensional (not in a box or type only) based on context and as the team changes, this needs to be understood and accommodated for the best team and organisational performance.
The Team Discovery assessment is a unique assessment tool that enables teams to discover their team dynamics and behavioural patterns, bringing in greater transparency and alignment. Through discovering the team's strengths and weaknesses, as well as the root cause of team blockers, performance and alignment is enhanced, leading to better team motivation, retention, and attraction.
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